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At aviation.WORKS we believe in quality over quantity. We are constantly improving and developing our service and implementing new features. We are providing a personalized support for both companies and jobseekers. 

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Agreement Type


Active Search Agreement


 25% based on annual gross salary


Step 1 - 50% of fee, the Applicant has been accepted by the Client

Step 2 - 50% of fee, the Applicant signed contract and worked 3 month 



Applicant leaves within 1 month 

100% refund

Applicant leaves within 3  month:

50% refund

Ground Handling & Operational Airport  Recruitment 

national&international sourcing 3.000-5.000€

Step 1 50%: contract signed

Step 2 50% after 3 month 1.900€

applies only to a successful placement

Outsourced Training

We provide Ground Handling, CCS, Language and much more trainings. Receive your new employeee with necessary skills and certificates. Ask us for individual quotes













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