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Our Push Campaign - Reach 500.000 Aviation Job Searchers 

LinkedIn Group Recommended Posts for Featured Job - We are able to send recommendation to all our LinkedIn group members. We can share valuable content with group members by recommending group posts. When a post is recommended, members are notified. You are ablt to reach up to 500.000 Linkedin group members.

We are managing the following aviation jobs groups: 

> Aviation Jobs  270.000+ members

> Pilot Jobs  67.000+ members

> Cabin Crew Jobs 37.500+ members

> Aviation Engineering and Maintenance Job  50.000+ members

> Air Traffic Control (ATC) Jobs< 9.000+ members 

> Aerospace Jobs< 3.600+ members 


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-  Social Media Push Campaign on LinkedIn reaching up to 500.000 Aviaton Job searchers with our push marketing tool.

- Banner advertisement in our page: Top, Botton, columns


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